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The use of the Liszkay Winery webshop is only allowed for users over the age of 18. As some jurisdictions may impose different age limits, users must also be of drinking age in force in their country and in the country where the service is used. Alcohol-containing products may only be ordered and consumed over 18 years of age! If the recipient is considered by the supplier to be under 18 years of age, he may ask for his identity card.

Liszkay Winery (hereinafter: Service Provider) on the interface of the Webshop and in the course of its related activities in the processing of User Data in accordance with Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Data of Public Interest; Act CXIX of 1995 on the processing of name and address data for research and direct marketing purposes; Act VI of 1998 on the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data enforces the rules: – Users consent to the Service Provider handling the personal and special data of the Users. The Service Provider declares that it will treat all data, confidential information and facts provided by its Users confidentially. An exception to this is that the Service Provider transfers the User’s personal data to its commercial partners with a goods acceptance contract for the purpose of completing the purchase in the Webshop. At the same time, the Service Provider reserves the right to transfer the User’s personal data to the competent authorities if the User is suspected of misuse of the service or any other criminal offence.

– The Service Provider provides its Users with the opportunity to view the data stored about them at any time, modify them if necessary, or cancel their registration.- The data will only be used for other purposes if the express written consent of the data subject is given.- User data may only be viewed by authorized employees of the Service Provider. Personal data stored about Users (including e-mail addresses) will not be disclosed by the Service Provider to third parties. An exception to this is that the Service Provider transfers the User’s personal data to its commercial partners with a contract for the receipt of goods in order to complete the purchase in the Webshop.- Participation in the services of the site is voluntary. The Service Provider undertakes not to enforce any sanctions against the User who refuses to provide non-mandatory data provision.- The Service Provider ensures that the use of the data obtained about Users through its services complies with the Hungarian legislation in force at any time.- The Service Provider undertakes not to send letters to the e-mail addresses provided by Users during registration, except for those related to the services of Liszkay Winery e-mails containing information materials, the receipt of which members agree to receive by registering.- The Service Provider takes all reasonable measures to keep the data safe, but does not take responsibility for the damage, destruction or unauthorized fall into unauthorized hands of the data in case of technical failure, natural disaster, terrorist or criminal activity. We do not take responsibility for damages resulting from the Internet connection or errors occurring in the database connection (e.g. due to maintenance, appearance error).

We reserve the right to change promotional and other prices or to terminate promotions without prior notice.

We reserve the right (and the possibility) that the stock shown in the Webshop is not available at the time of ordering, therefore we cannot serve the User (Customer) with the requested product. Any resulting compensation will be rejected.

Operator of the dealership: Nobilis Tusculanum Borproducer Kft.Headquarters: 8273 Monoszló, hrsz. 048/2Tax number: 12892460-2-19 Company registration number: 19-09-506569 Bank account number: 10400425-50505451-57571006Place of personal receipt of the ordered product: Nobilis Tusculanum Borproducer Kft. 8273 Monoszló, hrsz. 048/2

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The webshop of Liszkay Winery can only be used by users over the age of 18.

The delivery is carried out by the contracted MPL partner of the Liszkay Borkuria. We undertake delivery within 5 working days.
Please order carton-by-carton. One carton contains 6 bottles, which can be sorted as desired.

If the delivery address provided during the order is outside Hungary, prior consultation is required regarding special shipping needs and costs.


We reserve the right to unilaterally change prices and discounts.

Resellers should send their order directly to the address.


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